Hard Tech Satan 3.75 inch Resin Talisman by Erwin Papa x Noel Conrad

Welcome to the Next episode of Erwin Papa’s Helmet Girl illustrated art series! His image of futuristic space pilot Hard Tech Satan comes to life in 3D form, rendered and crafted by Noel Conrad!

Each piece comes fully packaged in a clear 4 x 7 inch box.

Hand crafted in resin plastic, pigmented with tempera powder and painted with acrylic paints.

An experiment in bringing a 2D image into the physical dimension using silicon molds and 3D UV resin printing.

This limited edition of 10 pieces portrays the Hard Tech Satan destroyer in both helmet an Drew unmasked form!

These talismans stand about 3.75 inches in height.

Will you join the design adventure to create the ultimate form of your destruction?

Sculpted in digital wireframe clay and printed using light. Molds are poured one at a time in this prototype phase.

The skillful line work of Erwin Papa translates to a very dynamic figure.

Order yours today while supplies last at 7PMEST on NoveltyHaus.com/shop!

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