Solid Baltimore Community Fundraiser T-Shirt PREORDER Currently Closed!


It’s been so exciting to witness the reaction to the Solid Baltimore Community Fundraiser T-Shirt PREORDER! We are currently out of stock on this project, having sold 100 shirts for this cause.

We’re going to produce this run for those of you who have joined us in this fundraising project and ship right out / prepare for pickup!

If you’ve already ordered, you’ll be receiving your updates about pickup or delivery shortly!

If you’re here looking to order one of these tshirts or looking for information about how to get involved with Rebuilding Baltimore, thanks so much for visiting! We are considering offering another run of fundraiser tshirts, but please allow us to process this first run. In the meantime, you can donate directly to The Baltimore Community Foundation here or contact us at for more information.

We are humbled and inspired by your enthusiasm and excited by your vision for the bettering of our City of Baltimore!

Please stay tuned for updates and feel free to join our email subscription list (on the right side of this page labeled “Subscribe2”).

Thanks again for showing us and everyone around you that Baltimore is a community strengthened by Unity and a City to be Proud of!!!

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