Solid Baltimore Community Donation Fundraiser T-Shirt Preorder For Summer 2017


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We are Baltimore City! This is where we make our life live! Let’s keep Baltimore Solid!

We are formed by history and we must empower each other to continue writing the story of our lives together! We stay strong as One and we can’t survive alone, we can’t live without each other. This is our city and we will all work together to make it great!

We, the people of Baltimore, are rebuilding the city in our image, what do you want that image to represent? Unity, Solidarity, Pride, Hard Work, Beauty and Power! We’ll leave the hate in the past and rebuild our lives with love and honor, together! We’re still kicking and we’ll keep on rocking! We had great success working with you when we wrapped up a similar program last year, we were able to donate over $250 to the the Wide Angle Youth Media organization. We’ve chosen to donate to them again this year and we’re going to try to raise even more funds, with your help, because we love what they do to empower the Children of the City!

We at NoveltyHaus want to continue to use our resources to do what we can to help.

We are putting together this limited edition of up to 100 unisex 100% cotton tshirts printed with black ink to collect funds to donate to Wide Angle Youth Media. This year we are offering Men’s, Women’s and Unisex options in Gray, Pink, Purple and a special White and Black Raglan Baseball Tee with 3/4 length sleeves.

Wide Angle Youth Media is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides Baltimore youth with media education to tell their own stories and become engaged with their communities. Through quality after-school programming, in-school opportunities, summer workshops, community events, and their Traveling Photography Exhibit, Wide Angle supports young people making a difference through media. They are currently exploring the great importance of Street Photography & Narratives where people can come together without fear, empowering young Baltimore citizens to learn without the stresses and oppression of negative environments!
Check out their video below!

Each t-shirt sale will allow a $6 donation directly to the Wide Angle Youth Media organization. ( If we work together to sell this full edition of 100 hand printed tees, we will be able to donate $600, as well as bring to you this soft tshirt so you can show your hometown pride and keep the conversation going!

PLEASE NOTE: This is a PRESALE ITEM. We will run this sale until September 3rd. T-shirts will ship on or before September 13th. Funds will be donated on September 15th.

Do what you can to help, whether it is through donations of funds, time or energy. Even if you simply continue to express solidarity for people in pain and continue living life to the fullest, you’re helping. Help us spread a positive message of Unity and begin the process of healing a wounded City.

Each shirt is hand printed on a 100% cotton soft fabric Men’s pr Women’s cut with solid black ink for extra soft feel. Available for $20 plus shipping in sizes XS-XXXL. Please order before 11:59PM on SEPT 3RD in order to ensure your size is available!
If you’re interested in showing your love, pride and affection for Baltimore Solidarity, you can lock your size in using this link HERE.

Thank you.

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