Custom 1″ Buttons (Badges) Made With Your Images!

buy custom 1 inch button badge band promotional resale etsy maker order now use your own images

$15 PER 100! Up to 3 images per 100! ($3 shipping per 100)

We make one inch buttons for you with your images! These 1 inch buttons are an inexpensive way to promote your band, ‘zine, call girl service, revolutionary order, fund raiser, or fraternal society. You can get 100 made for only $15 and sell them for $1.00 a piece. If you can get rid of ‘em all, that’s an extra $85 in your pocket, plus there will be people promoting your project.Hand made with love, or at least quickly and delivered via Priority Mail.

Turn around for a button order is usually 7-9 days, however we are more than willing to oblige RUSH orders!

When you’re submitting the graphic for buttons, you must also include:

Your name

Your address

A description of the button
Let us know what text or url you’d like placed on the button rim, we will add this for you.

Background color (see below)

Payment method (see below)

Email all graphics to:

We accept four forms of payment for buttons:

1. CASH (US $, Euros, Yen)


3. PAYPAL (simply click here, then checkout to complete your order. Email your graphics to and your order is set in motion!)


SHIPPING NOTE: There is a $3 shipping charge per 100 buttons.

To pay by postal money order send $18 per 100 buttons to:

Noel Conrad 3000 Chestnut Ave. Ste. 341 Baltimore, MD 21211


Full Color / One Color buttons

$15 per 100 ($0.15 per button)

For Quantity Discount Quotes on button orders over 1000, please email

Specialty Buttons!

Reflective Silver – $25 per 100 ($0.25 per button)

Reflective Gold – $30 per 100 ($0.30 per button)

Glow-in-the-Dark – $30 per 100 ($0.30 per button)

Ordering your 1″ buttons is pretty dang easy. All you have to have is “camera ready” art. In
other words, it should be crisp and clear, what you give me is
what will be printed. If you give me something thats pixelated
and/or unclear, you’ll get a button that’s pixelated and/or unclear.
It’s generally best to use line art, but grayscale works as well.

The artwork can either be “hardcopy” (on paper), or digital
(a computer file). If your artwork is a computer file, it must
be an IBM format in either a “.tif” or high resolution
“.jpg” file. You can submit your artwork by mail, in
person, or via e-mail. See “Contact Information” below.
We will reduce or enlarge your artwork as needed. The image area
is visible around the edge of the button, so keep this in mind
when you are designing.

Please submit your graphic as a 3″ square *.jpg at 300 dpi if possible.

We can also add your web URL around the outer
rims of the buttons. These printed links are invisible from a
frontal view, but upon closer inspection, they become a crafty
marketing tool.

You have your choice of “Two Color”
or “Full Color” when getting your buttons printed.

Color” is black plus one other color. This is
best for stark and crisp designs, such as line art. The master
sheets are printed on an HP 2550L Laserjet. The cost is $15 for
100 buttons. There is a $2 shipping charge per 100 buttons. The
first color is ALWAYS black, plus white OR one other color.

See below for color chart. “Two Color”
art should be sumbitted in black and white only.

colors may not appear as accurate representations

Color” is exactly that, any color combinations.
The master sheets are printed by an HP 2550L Laserjet on white
paper. The cost is $15 for 100 buttons. There is a $3 shipping
charge per 100 buttons.

Reflective silver buttons are also available.

Also! Ask us about our Brand
New GLOW-IN-THE-DARK buttons! You might also
like to inquire about the new Golden Buttons!

Once your design is finished, email it to:

4 Responses to “Custom 1″ Buttons (Badges) Made With Your Images!”

  • Hi there! My friend Nate from the Moon Life purchases buttons through Novelty Haus and he recommended your company with my project. I am planning on putting in an order this week for my birthday party favors. I am going to be submitting 3 different designs for the 100 button order and was wondering if I could get one glow in the dark and how to specify that? Do you think you can explain the Two Color and Full Color options?
    Thank you so much, I look forward to working with you.

  • Hello, I sent a few messages trying to see what turnaround time is and a couple other questions about the glow in the dark ones. Can someone please get back to me? I’m considering placing an order that I will need by March 25th.

  • Turn around for a button order is usually 7-9 days, however we are more than willing to oblige RUSH orders! Your deadline is not a problem.

    When designing for Silver, Gold or Glow Buttons, remember that any white area will be Silver (or Gold or Glow). Black areas of your image will be black. Colored areas will have a silvery, gold reflective element and with glow buttons colored area will glow a little less brightly than white areas.

  • Please contact us as info @ and we’ll get you taken care of!

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