3000 Chestnut Ave.
Ste. 341
Baltimore, MD
You can contact us at with any questions or concerns. We would love to hear from you. !

We have our 3D Physical Studio at 3000 Chestnut Ave. Ste. 341 Hampden, Baltimore MD 21211!

What is it!?

Limited edition Japanese Vinyl Toys, T-Shirts, Buttons, Art, Lifestyle Items, Accessories, Novelties, Original Art, Apparel, Pure Magic and More! Why? To make your brain go SQUEEEE and your heart pump just a little faster! Good clean fun! Kick rad style for buys and girls and everyone in betwixt!

Open by appointment only.

410-343-9282 info @

NoveltyHaus was born on 1-20-09. The original idea was to personally expand the awesomeness of humanity through design and production. This idea has not changed, it has expanded. NoveltyHaus is a home to the burning tower of creativity that lives within us all. We strive to increase the degree of radness in everyone’s daily lives.

This website is intended to express the ideas of hard working human producers and designers, whatever their medium may be.

Here at NoveltyHaus we revel in perfection. We are currently in the process of building our Haus. Keep checking back to witness the birth of a New Era of Fun!

We will be offering a multitude of design / production / digital distribution products!

Haus ist Flex!
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